Gallery Show

Bob MarleyI am an intern at Aaron Galleries in Glenview, IL. I attend The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and there was some excitement for me recently. Last Sunday, Aaron Galleries hosted my first gallery show opening reception! I displayed my black musician portrait series and a ceramic sculpture series. There was a great turn out and my work has been displayed in the gallery throughout this week. One thing that I have learned during my art education so far is that it is difficult to articulate my art. I’ve talked to fellow artists about this and they all agree. It’s especially hard to talk about your work in a gallery setting, like last Sunday, because you never know how people are going to react to what you say. It is easier to type out an artist statement and speaking in the moment is another story. I think that all artists should practice talking about their work and getting their message out to people, and I will keep practicing as well.

~Sarah Leuchtner